Are you really "all-natural?"

Yes, we are! We pride ourselves on our motto #simplymade. We use only natural ingredients, from our butter bases to our preservatives. You can be sure that what you're putting on your hair is made from ingredients sourced right from Mother Nature herself. No harmful additives or filler ingredients over here!


How long do your products last?

Currently, through testing we've determined that our products last an average of 3-5 months as long as they are stored in a cool, dry environment. Natural ingredients mean natural reactions, so improper storage can result in possible molding. However, we are always reformulating to make our products last longer through the use of non-harmful and non-artificial preservatives.


Do you offer different sizes?

No, currently we do not offer size variations on our products. But, hopefully they will be coming soon!


Can I customize a product?

We always get questions asking about product customizations. Currently, we do not offer custom orders. However, we are always formulating new products. So, if you are dying to see a certain ingredient featured in a new product, recommend it to us at info@thehairwhipcompany.com!


How can I become a Brand Ambassador?

This is another really popular question for us. We love to add people to the #simplymade family! If you are interested in becoming a Hairwhip Brand Ambassador, email us at promo@thehairwhipcompany.com!


If you have anymore outstanding questions, please email us at info@thehairwhipcompany.com. We'd love to hear from you! :)